IT Apprenticeships in London

By   March 3, 2015

In the United Kingdom, the IT and networking sector is amongst the most competitive job markets when compared with others. Not only are positions in this market high in demand and therefore rather scarce. In recent times, increasingly more employees in this industry expect their job applicants to have real life IT experience which means that freshmen who are just of school won’t have to be easy to find a desired position.

IT-Apprenticeship-LondonThe difficulties in this job market are certainly one major reason why IT apprenticeships are now becoming popular amongst graduates who seek to enter this career field.

By taking advantage of the benefits IT apprenticeships can provide, graduates in the United Kingdom can increase their chances in this field tremendously. Here in this blog post I want to go over those advantages that apprenticeships can provide today.

IT Apprenticeships are a smart way to acquire training and certifications

Hardly any employer today would hire an applicant who doesn’t have mandatory IT knowledge which can be acquired through certifications such as the A+ IT certification. However, many companies today offer to sponsor their apprentices to acquire those certifications while being in training. What this means is that the company would cover in full or in parts the costs to acquire those certifications for their apprentices. For the apprentice this can mean significantly less costs: One major incentive to take on an IT apprenticeship today.

IT apprenticeships in the United Kingdom can (almost) guarantee a full time position

The number of apprentices whose apprenticeship turns into a full-time position after their training is exceptionally high as compared to other industries. This number is close to 95%. For graduates in the United Kingdom, apprenticeships in London can mean the fastest and smartest way to get into their desired career. In a tough job market, an apprenticeship can provide graduates the edge they need.