Why An Ergonomic Office Also Means More Revenue

By   November 25, 2014

workstation assessmentIt is scientifically proven that workplaces that are ergonomic are resulting in heightened productivity and thus also in increased revenue. Here are some recommended reads on the subject: http://www.knoll.com/media/989/825/WP_NewWorkplaceErgonomicsResearch.pdf or http://www.humantech.com/special/blog/CaseStudyArticleJSR724.pdf

What Workplace Ergonomics Means

* Less bodily strain for employees, eg. from repetitive emotions  or from using input devices such as keyboards and mice

* Higher motivation of employees because of less health issues and less pain at the workplace

* Fewer sick days on account of injuries at the workplace

* Reduced expenses for medical treatment which would otherwise be required  because of work-related health issues or injuries

* Less stress at the workplace

* Better focus and concentration

All the above points and many more I didn’t mention clearly showed that ergonomic office furniture will have multiple benefits in almost any work environment today with its a manufacturing environment or the typical office setting. In some cases, the investment into modern ergonomic furniture can be minimal if for better ergonomics at the workplace all that’s required would be items such as ergonomic chairs or computer desks.

In some cases, workstation assessments can be recommended. During a workstation assessments, a workplace/workstation in its entirety can be assessed in terms of optimal ergonomics. The assessment will cover a multitude of inspects including but not limited to furniture such as chairs and desks and everything else that can help to increase ergonomics at the workplace. If you happen to be a business owner in the United Kingdom you can look at workstation assessments for more information on the subject.